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Medicaid provides health coverage assistance according to individual needs.

To apply for Medicaid for yourself or a member of your family, click here.

The Report a Change/Add a Person form should be used to report a change to existing benefits or to add a person to an existing program.

To Report a Change, click here.

The Provide Documents form allows you to submit documents necessary to make determinations about your benefits.

To provide documents, click here.

Review your contact information here.

Update your contact information by reporting a change.

Listed below are the actions that you can perform in order to provide information to us. If you do not see any actions, it is because there may be a Medicaid application in a pending status.

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Click here to begin an application for Medicaid.

If you need help applying for other benefit programs, contact us in one of the following ways:

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Update your contact information by reporting a change.

If you need help updating your contact information, contact us in one of the following ways: