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You now have the ability to apply for Health Coverage Assistance and see the results of your application submission online. You may also complete a re-evaluation for Food Stamps and view other benefits your family is currently receiving.

Our Programs

Health Coverage Assistance

The Health Coverage Assistance Program provides health coverage assistance according to individuals needs. Eligible families may qualify for Medicaid or Advance Payment of Premium Tax Credits to help pay health coverage premiums or affordable private health insurance plans.

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Food Assistance

The Idaho Food Stamp Program is a supplemental nutrition assistance program that helps families buy food for good health. Eligible families get a debit like card to buy food items.

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Cash Assistance

This program provides cash assistance for: emergency situations, families with children, and the elderly, blind or disabled. Eligible families receive a one time or on-going payment, depending on the needs of the household.

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Child Care Assistance

This program helps parents and caretakers pay for a part of their child care costs while working, going to school, or participating in approved training activities.

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